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Bourbon Lovers
An Inside Look at the Bourbon Barons of Kentucky: Chris Morris of Woodford Reserve 
2nd-May-2009 03:11 pm
trois pistoles
Hey guys,

Not too much longer before the Derby coverage begins. Just wanted to share this article on Woodford Reserve with you real quick, it gets into their connection with horse racing a bit and includes an interesting interview with Chris Morris.


Woodford Reserve, it is one of the first names that come to mind at the mention of premium bourbon. Its elegant, if understated, bottle is broad in form and proudly contains the award winning bourbon that has set the new industry standard. The taste is spicy, complex, and has just a touch of heat to give it enough character to keep the palate entertained while never overwhelming the tastes of a less experienced drinker. With these qualities in mind, it is a bourbon that serves well neat, as a base in cocktails, and also as a great starting point for those interested in high quality whiskey.

Drawing from the same limestone water that nourishes the bluegrass and fuels the neighboring thoroughbreds, Woodford Reserve makes full use of the elements that are unique to Kentucky while also employing practices unique to its own product. They are the only bourbon distiller to use copper pot stills, much as a single malt distillery would use. In fact, the copper pots, strikingly similar to cathedral pipe organs in appearance, were custom made for them in Scotland. They are also the only bourbon distillery historically to triple distill their whiskey, as well as the only to age their barrels in warehouses lined in 100% limestone. The limestone lining serves as a means of climate control, restricting the warehouse to warm and cool slowly.

Continue for the rest of the article and interview with Chris Morris, Master Distiller

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