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Conan - need driiiiiink!!! - katorea
I got this year's Maker's Mark Ambassador Christmas Gift. I don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't gotten it yet, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I'm laughing & loving all at the same time!!!

Spoilers in comments!!
30th-Jun-2009 10:34 pm - Sweet Bourbon
Dr Who - Waiting Rory
I am currently sipping a bit of Eagle Rare. One of my favorite bourbons. I especially like the sweet brown sugar nature that it possesses. So I thought I would ask here. What is the sweetest good bourbon that you have had?
trois pistoles
Hey guys,

Not too much longer before the Derby coverage begins. Just wanted to share this article on Woodford Reserve with you real quick, it gets into their connection with horse racing a bit and includes an interesting interview with Chris Morris.


Woodford Reserve, it is one of the first names that come to mind at the mention of premium bourbon. Its elegant, if understated, bottle is broad in form and proudly contains the award winning bourbon that has set the new industry standard. The taste is spicy, complex, and has just a touch of heat to give it enough character to keep the palate entertained while never overwhelming the tastes of a less experienced drinker. With these qualities in mind, it is a bourbon that serves well neat, as a base in cocktails, and also as a great starting point for those interested in high quality whiskey.

Drawing from the same limestone water that nourishes the bluegrass and fuels the neighboring thoroughbreds, Woodford Reserve makes full use of the elements that are unique to Kentucky while also employing practices unique to its own product. They are the only bourbon distiller to use copper pot stills, much as a single malt distillery would use. In fact, the copper pots, strikingly similar to cathedral pipe organs in appearance, were custom made for them in Scotland. They are also the only bourbon distillery historically to triple distill their whiskey, as well as the only to age their barrels in warehouses lined in 100% limestone. The limestone lining serves as a means of climate control, restricting the warehouse to warm and cool slowly.

Continue for the rest of the article and interview with Chris Morris, Master Distiller

trois pistoles
Appropriately enough, we begin our Bourbon Barons series with Frederick B. Noe III, seventh generation distiller of Jim Beam Brands Co. For many, Jim Beam was their introduction into the world of bourbon – from drinking it straight, to its mixibility in shots and cocktails. Many of us can recall in our young and formidable college years when Jim Beam served as a reliable standby to take our minds off the stresses of academia, and just the stresses of life in general. Simple, sweet, and palatable.

As we grow older and our tastes mature, Jim Beam Brands too grows with us offering a wide selection of bourbons. Going down their product line, the bourbon drinker can progress from Jim Beam, to Jim Beam Black, aged 8 years at 86 proof, to Jim Beam Choice, their only charcoal filtered Bourbon, to finally Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection, boasting four of the finest and most sophisticated Bourbons on the market. I, for one, can say that Booker’s and Basil Hayden’s, both part of Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection, are two of my absolute favorite Bourbons. If you are not yet privy, please, go out and do yourself the favor of partaking of either one of these fine, fine selections.

Currently at the reigns, and keeper of the family flame, sits Fred Noe, great grandson of the brand’s namesake, Jim Beam. He was instrumental in the creation of the Small Batch Collection in the 1990s, largely helping with promotion and selecting the batches ready for bottling. Since his father, Booker Noe’s retirement, Fred has taken over the much-venerated title Ambassador of The Small Batch Bourbon Collection. He has since gone on to become master distiller and, most recently in late 2007, was honored with the placement of his photo on the Jim Beam label alongside the six family distillers who have preceded him. With his exceptional knowledge and inheritated legacy, Fred continues to expand and reshape the brand, as well as Bourbon as a whole, into a well respected spirit the world wide.

Mr. Noe was kind enough to answer some questions we had sent him, as well as a few other well-respected Bourbon distillers, in hopes of better understanding these great men who produce great Bourbon:

Continue reading for the interview with Frederick B. Noe III of Jim Beam


Content taken with permission from LifeEpicurean.com

28th-Jul-2007 11:28 pm - rare bourbon question
I helped my father move this weekend and I found (ok, stole) some old bourbon from his basement. One bottle is defying my attempts to identify it.

It is from Dowling Distilleries, Lawrenceburg KY, and is called "Collector's Edition." It is 21 years old, which in my experience is darned old for bourbon. It is sealed and there is a "registered bottle number" of "367 F" on it.

Does anybody know about this distillery or this bottle? Do I have a heck of a cool thing here or is it some off-brand nname bottle of junk?
11th-Dec-2006 12:29 pm - Maker's Mark = Love
Snoopy Dance - peaces_icons
A suprise Maker's Mark box awaited me today. They usually send pretty great stuff (other than the Maker's Mark Christmas cards last yr. That was just kind odd). It's a mini-shaker! Also a pack of red Maker's Mark napkins and a receipe for "Bourbon Ball Drink."

No wonder I love MM so much. They take such good care of me and it tastes so good too! :D
7th-Nov-2006 11:19 pm - Election nite bourbon
Fight Is Won-Equilibrium - darkleliel
Does it get any better?

I <3 my Maker's Mark. ;)
7th-Nov-2006 09:54 pm - Waiting for more bourbon . . .
As I sit calmly waiting for my work day to end, I am thinking of a pleasant glass, filled with amber colored Booker's bourbon, resting comfortably between my fingers and keeping the miserable winter chill away. Soon, the warmth and goodness will be mine.
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